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Thread: what do ya do?

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    i think i'm reading that you are going the route of self employed?? if so, once you file the paperwork you can start working, trying to drum up business etc. at least thats what i was told when i started. as soon as you apply for the EIN, the licenses etc you are good. no need to sit on your butt waiting. check it out.

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    I do have the EIN, Ive applied for a tax ID # from the state of TX for tax free purchases, but from what I gather you arent suppose to even offer to perform work with out the license #. I called the other day and asked if there were any way to get around the 2-3 week wait for them to process the lic and was told no. I called another St. rep and am waiting for his call. Man if I can work without it I'll jump on it, but I think they are getting pretty rigid in their stance on having that # on everything.
    HVAC45.I wish they could say the same where I work. I can honestly say that I feel like they dont give a #%%^.
    DOW I here ya. I agree about the reason that alot of techs go out on their own.

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