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    I have steam heat in a house that I just moved into and several years ago hot water baseboard heating was installed in an addition to the house. I wanted to update the thermostats with programmable ones. The baseboard heating thermostat went well but the steam heat thermostat didn't. It appears that it works backwards. An open circuit will turn on the steam heat and a closed circuit turns off the steam heat. It had an old chrotherm thermostat in it. Any ideas of what I can do to install a programable thermostat.

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    So, you have 2 boilers????????????

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    nah, one boiler controlled by 2 thermostats. One thermostat turns on the boiler and circ pump for baseboard heating and the other turns on the boiler to make steam for the other part of the house.

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    If things are as you say they are,
    the solution is not that hard.
    (also depends on the type of
    stat you want to use.) But i've had to go out on call one
    to many times because a well meaning
    homeowner tried to put on their own stat
    and blew the transformer. Save
    your self money in the long run
    and call someone to do it.

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