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    I'll be getting out of the military in a few months and am looking for an HVAC school in Connecticut where I'll be moving. I know nothing of this career field, but so far I've found several technical institutes which offer various trades, but these seem to be kind of expensive. Haven't found much as far as vocational programs offered at community colleges and state universities, but am still looking. There are some technical high schools that offer trade programs for adults and is also very cheap, but am not sure what the difference in training would be between this and an accredited technical institute. Money is somewhat of an issue here, but not the only factor to consider, I definitely want the best training possible and the most bang for the buck. Also, I plan to use the GI bill for my schooling so whichever school I choose needs to be federally accredited towards a degree. What did everyone else do here? Any suggestions as to what might be the best route to take?

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    This is NormChris area if he looks at this thread then I would go on what he tells you.If I was you I would do something else.Good luck

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    I wish I would have had a GI loan to use when I went into the trade.

    I took out conventional student loans like anyone going to school and had to start paying them back 6 months after I got out of school.

    If you get a chance though pay it off early.

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    My brother was a Marine for six years and in the 1st Gulf War... When he got out the VA helped him pick a good school for HVAC, paid for the schooling, and paid him to go to school... Not sure if your a vet, but you may want to look into it...

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    If joining a union interests you, look up the local United Association hall. usually listed as Steamfitters, pipefitters etc. they have a program called helmets to hardhats where they try to transition ex military people into the building trades.

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