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    How to turn on Hydronic floor heating systerm

    We just moved into a house which has floor heating system. We want to get it going, if possible, so that we can use it now (winter in Toronto). I can see in the basement furnace room is a Navien hot water box sitting next to a heating box (KD-HBC1000) and a pump pax 3 zone control box. The basement wall has thermostats which I think must be the control. The pipings between the hot water box and the Heating box are in place. But some of the valves are in shut off position. The owner must have turn them off during summer. Power to the 3 boxes (Navien, HBC100 and Pump pax) are on (I just go by switches and LEDs). We tried to turn up the thermostat to demand for heat. However nothing happens. Unfortunately the owner of the house left the country for a long trip and will not be back until after winter.So we have no one to ask.
    Can some one who have used this kind of system before help us ? What do people normally do when the shut off the heat in SUmmer and what to check or turn on when you want to heat in winter.

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    Look for a label indicating who installed it or serviced it last. Give them a call.
    A walk through will be worth it.
    Never argue with a crazy man.

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    Thanks. I cannot find any service record. I am just going to be in the house for the winter. It will be nice if I can get it running by doing a few basic checks. I am not sure if I want to spend the money on calling professional services and have to negotiate with the owner for reimbursement when he comes back.

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    circuit breakers on? switches on the unit?

    Other than the obvious, have a tech come out to start the system & explain in detail how it works.
    Take notes
    Ask ?s / especially any routine maintenance
    write & print it out
    Laminate them or otherwise
    keep 2 copies / 1 with the system / 1 in your files
    Also duplicate any documents from the system or get info from internet (educate yourself)

    Money well spent to know your system.

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