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[B]Well dang! You only undersized it by 1/2 a ton! That ain't too bad, since the original "expert" put in a 3 1/2 ton unit on a 2.5 ton load, and the house was so uncomfortable we hated it. I finally installed a 3 ton, 2 speed compressor, and converted it to heat pump. It was still oversized in cooling (maintained 67 degrees on a 107Ί day) when on high speed, but the humidity control from running in 1/2 speed was awesome.

Let me break it down like this. I can see that you guys are having a lot of problems with this so I will simplify it even further.I will use capitols on the important parts of his quote.

It was STILL OVERSIZED IN COOLING (maintained 67 degrees on a 107 degree day) WHEN ON HIGH SPEED. ( KEY WORD HERE IS WHEN )apparently at 107 out it didn't need to run hi speed very often and probably never would if he didn't try to keep 67.


If it truly is half speed or half capacity it is at 18k, now lets do the math folks.

36k 2 Speed =107 OA 67space temp = unit cycles to low speed

24k =95 OA single stage 72 space temp = unit satisfies and cycles off.

Beleivable ? the only realistic is yes Fat Eddy I can beleive that, anything other than that would be pure stupidity.

And here is the topper the guy does a load calc and it comes out to 31k so whats he do he goes and puts in a 36k

Thats exactly how the whole thing got started to begin with.

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