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    But don't you guy's really picture them in your head at night just jumping and breathing all hard and stuff just trying to turn down the heat.

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    I have two suggestions.

    1) Mount a stat at wherever they want, and put a remote sensor at the proper height.


    2) Get a wireless remote stat. He can place it on a table, or wherever he wishes.

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    I personally put the stat at the light switch level as that seems to be a reasonable allround height for every one i believe thats about fourfoot six inches or where the old one was - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    doing a commercial building that is ada approved all zone sensors are 48 inches off floor by the drawing so ppl in wheelchairs can adjust them also

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    Have you ever noticed how small those keys are on a remote?OK',now just think about how hard it is for those guy's to use thier oversized digits.

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    This is ridiculous, you are trying to take away their right to choose for themself. Let them tell you want they want and sell it to them.You are not their gaurdian you're just an hvac guy.

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    fat eddy,no I just really worry about these little guy's.

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    Well they probably don't need to read the stat anyway, I'm sure they have already adapted to the normal placement of a stat. They'll know how to turn it up and down without seeing the display.So don't worry yourself sick over it

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    but what do they do if they don't have an auto changeover or programable stat when it's time for a/c.?Most of these little folks are not lucky enough to have a tall person in thier immediate family and most times are just to plain proud to ask for help outside the clan.It's just sad no matter how you try to cut it.

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    If they have chairs, I'm sure they know how to use them

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    Remember Fatso, You said it's not "rocket science" ?

    Comfort zone is comfort zone. If the person is 3' tall then their comfort zone is lower than ours. Anyway with society today sitting on the couch as much as we do, we would probably feel much more comfy with our stats at about the 36" level.

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    And just how would the height of the stat change the comfort zone isn't the rise in temperature linear to the rise in height, if it is wouldn't they just adjust the stat to compensate ?

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    Put it were they won't it it is not hard to move a stat later leave wire in the wall so it can be moved up.As of codes handicap laws over ride the code you can build a house just for a small people I have worked on one before.

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