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    Serious question!How high on a wall should an installer mount a thermostat for,to be P.C.,"small person".It's a problem I have encountered several times over the years.Should you hang it low to accomodate the HO,or by code?If I stick with code most of these poor guy's and gal's are going to have to jump or climb,if I don't and they sell thier home later the new HO will have to get on his knee's,throw his back out or ask one of his kid's to adjust the temp.

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    If they are paying I would ask them to pick a spot.

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    They all look too high.

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    If they want it high put it high, they probably know what they want. I wouldn't try to tell them what they want.

    Or sell them a remote control stat.

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    Yeah'but the poor guy's have to jump.

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    do they lower the door handles..light switches..etc.

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    For the most part they can reach the light switch or door knob but seeing the digital readout on the stat is just frankly beyond thier line of sight.

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    If they pick the spot, just put it there. If you don't you will be back there to move it on your own time. Why do you care if they can see it? It's their stat and their wall put their stat on their wall where they want it.And if they don't like it they can pay to have it relocated.

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    since the thermostat is supposed to control temps where you live then it would only make since (to me) to put it at an appropriate height for the homeowner since the temps in a house will vary from floor to ceiling put it in their comfort zone.

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    I worry about em'.

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    I normally mount the tstat 60" off the floor.

    If the home is occupied by the height challanged I will provide a step stool for an additional fee.
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    a\c don' thats nice!

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    its standard policy at our company to put them 60" from the floor no matter how tall or short the h/o is

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