I am replacing my 25 year old fridgid king. I read an awefull lot and I dont like all the potential failure modes in the new high eff furnaces. I heard the Variable motors cost 600 bucks to replace, just thinking of having a bill like that at 5 1/2 yrs, just to much. Soooo I decided on a 2 stage with AC-realible motor. I hear so much debates from the contractors I have talked to. I liked what the Luxaire guys said, (simple machine-commonly used parts). Then the Carrier says--Junk stay away. I dont know what to buy, I bet that 25 yrs ago guys were saying that Fridgid King was junk and I have never had anything but the theromocupler go bad. I do know that I will buy the best warrenty I can buy but that is only 10 years. I will listen to any opinions.