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Thread: Heil furnace

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    I have a Heil furnace......when the target temperature is hit the furnace blower continues to run and does not shut off. I can even set the target temperature below the actual temperature and it still runs.
    What is going on with this thing?

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    Make sure that the fan switch at the tstat is in the auto position. Other then that, you may have a bad relay, circuit board, or comb. fan/limit control and will need to patronize your local heating contractor.
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    Doesnt shut off soon enough for YOU? or never shuts off?
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    Heil Furnace

    The blower will stay on always.......will not shut off unless I turn off power.
    I have checked the position of is in the auto position not the on position.

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    Than you need to call for service.

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    either the relay switch stuck closed or the fan switch is stuck on fan/limit control.

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