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    rheem eh?

    the models are the carrier perforamnce series 80% efficient with 2 stage heating and a 12 seer outdoor unit. the rheem is criterion II plus 2 also 80% 2 stage heating also using a 12 seer outdoor unit. lol i cant read the numbers the guys wrote. can only read the brochures. thanks for all your comments.

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    Which Carrier A/C? The cube or the better one?

    Furnaces, Rheem uses spark ignition, simple & reliable. Carrier still uses the old silicon carbide ignitors which tend to have a fairly short life, change every 3-7 years depending upon environment.

    Hard to beat a Rheem A/C. Copeland scroll, 12 SEER would use a TXV indoor coil for better part load humidity control. Most 12 SEER units have high & low pressure protection.

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    Is either one a "variable speed indoor fan",consider it if they aren't.Look at Carrier Infinty control,if you go variable speed,great indoor comfort.

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    we went with rheem thanks for all your comments. the rheem came with a 10 year parts and labor warranty and the carrier had a 5 year.

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    Just would like to know for my own future reference,did it come down to the length of the warranty only, or was there other variables involved ?

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    the warranty played a big role. but everyone i talked to one here and off said rheem was a better brand and the cost was lower. but yes the warranty was a factor as well.

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    Sorry to go against everyone elses opinion here but i find rheem's to not be so technician friendly. My advice Carier or Trane

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    Rheem is the best bang for the buck. you made a wise choice.

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