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    I am replacing my 25 year old fridgid king. I read an awefull lot and I dont like all the potential failure modes in the new high eff furnaces. I heard the Variable motors cost 600 bucks to replace, just thinking of having a bill like that at 5 1/2 yrs, just to much. Soooo I decided on a 2 stage with AC-realible motor. I hear so much debates from the contractors I have talked to. I liked what the Luxaire guys said, (simple machine-commonly used parts). Then the Carrier says--Junk stay away. I dont know what to buy, I bet that 25 yrs ago guys were saying that Fridgid King was junk and I have never had anything but the theromocupler go bad. I do know that I will buy the best warrenty I can buy but that is only 10 years. I will listen to any opinions.

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    Since you're a "Professional Member" you should have already developed an opinion on the various brands of units available to the HO. Right? Or maybe you're really not in the industry after all.


    VS motors soon will be the only option you'll have. I can actually foresee that within ten years the old-fashioned multi-speed motors will become the OEM expensive motor. Sooooo, if you wanna stick with the "old but reliable" you may find that it could bite you in the you-know-what sometime in the near future. Besides, if everyone thought like you do then there would be no such thing as refrigeration, flight, the automobile, etc., etc. I mean no disrespect by writing that so please don't take it the wrong way.

    Now, as to the brand....

    Here's a little secret: It really doesn't matter what brand you get so long as it's installed as per the mfg. specs. Of course the Carrier guy is gonna tell you Lux-aire sucks & vice-versa; they're getting incentives from the mfg. to sell their product (no matter what they tell ya!). My advice? Go with the guy you feel most comfy with & who was able to answer all your questions. Also check the BBB, et. al., for references.

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    Buy a 10 year parts and labor warranty you won't have to worry about paying $600 in 5 years to replace a VS motor.
    VS motors or far superior to single speed fans.

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