I am finishing my basement, and building a utility room with my furnace and water heater. Because of maximizing my space in the usable area, I have a stud wall directly along my furnace(almost touching the furnace). I would like to insulate the utility room, because all of the sound travels straight through the furnace to the rest of the house. I'm hoping that putting the insulation around the utility room will prevent the sound from carrying as much. My question is, can I put fiberglass insulation in my stud walls directly against the furnance? Since the wall is about 1/4 inch away from the furnance, the insulation might rest up against the furnance. Would that be bad? I have both faced and unfaced insulation, and didn't know if one would work or not. I read the vapor barrier instructions, and it did indicate that the vapor barrier should stay away from open flame, but the flame is enclosed within the furnance. Thoughts?