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Thread: Lennox RTU's

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    Looking for how many techs have run into the following 2 problems.
    1. On G and L series Lennox units where the Johnson's ignition module only lasts a year or 2.
    2. On smaller GCS16 units, we're finding cracks between the heat exchanger tubes in the main plate. This is the plate that the inlet and outlet of the tubes are "pressed" into and separates the air side from the burner side. The cracks are forming in this plate, between the inlet tubes, run from tube to tube and are big enough to allow air in and disrupt the burner flame. Probably caused by the stress on the metal from the "press" and the heat of the burners and runner tube. This is happening on zoned and stand-alone units 4-5 years old.
    I'm not looking for sollutions to the above problems, just how many areas are having the same problems.

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    had 2 failures this winter on johnson modules units were 3 yeasr old

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    I have noticed an increase in failure across the board this year, Trane, Armstrong, Carrier. Tube exchangers are dropping like flies! Start pulling the top's if you aren't already guys!

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