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    I've been reading this sight off and on for over a year, this wall of shame forum cracks me up.

    I need to get a good digital camera as I've seen some funky installs, or DIY rigging.

    Anyway, this seems like a cool site, Mike

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    hey, welcome to our corner of the net. i too am fairly new here, but often times i WISH i had my camera for this section!

    get some good pics of these diy's you speak of!

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    Acually, I moved to Texas recently from Northern California, out there I was a residential and once in a while commercial service tech.

    My girlfriend talked me into moving here to Texas, my new job is a maintenance supervisor for HVAC/refrigeration in a maximum security prison, so I'm not allowed to bring a camera in there, doh!

    Acually, I hate this job, but it's the best paying in the area, I miss the days of getting in a service van and dealing with real world people who are happy, not warped prisoners and gaurds, yes even the gaurds get weird to, can't help it, just can't relax like in the real world.

    By the way, there are 2 trustees that work with me, it keeps you on alert paying attention to them, for your own saftey, oh well, I look at it as a temporary job for now.

    I'm planning on either going to Phoenix or L.A.

    I'm curious how the Phoenix techs deal with that heat all day, maybe they work reall early and after dark?

    Sorry to be on the wrong subject, I know this is about funky installs and hacks, what area of this site should I post this type of discussion? Thanks, Mike

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    We bought digitals for our installers. Real nice little Fujis for $100. No excuse for you boys not to have one with you

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    over to general discussion, youll get more welcomes ther cali,

    and welcome

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    Welcome. You will love it here. Having a dig cam is almost a MUST :-)

    california kid, in Phx you will be busy and the heat DOES suck. But I'm sure working in the snow for 3 moths straight would suck too!

    Anyway. The spring time is good for looking for a co.
    Ask around a lot. Some promise a lot then leave you to the curb when it slows down in the winter.

    I worked OT most of this last winter except for the first two weeks of feb. It's already picked back up this last week and so far I'm now running calls for No COOLING if you can beleive that!!!

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    Originally posted by PaysonHVAC
    It's already picked back up this last week and so far I'm now running calls for No COOLING if you can beleive that!!!
    I can believe it! People know not to wait to long or they will be on a 2 week waiting list to have their A/C fixed, I can't imagine being in a house in Phoenix without A/C when it's hot!

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