I have an opportuniy to pick up a 16 yr old Rheem 90+ gas furnace for free. My current furnace is a Rheem gas that was installed when my house was built in 1978. It is working fine at this time and my annual gas bill including using a gas hot water heater was $630 last year. Trying to decide if it would be a good thing to change out the systems. I probably will have to get a new central air conditioning unit this year and I can also get a 6 yr old Rudd outside compressor unit and the a-coil with the 90+ furnace for free.
The Rheem 90+ furnace is 16 yrs old but was only truly used for 8 of those 16 yrs. The folks had wood heat and preferred to use that until it became a health issue. They had problems with the furnace in Jan when it was in the 20's and couldn't find any one that would work on a Rheem in their area because the Rheem dealer they bought the unit from was out of business and now there are no Rheem dealers within driving distance. They managed to find someone who had a left over computer board and that fixed the unit but they immediately had a new system installed.
I have little doubt that the Rheem 90+ unit would do a good job for me but am having reservations about the availability of parts for a system that age. There are several Rheem dealers in our area and I am only 200 mi from Fort Smith where they are made. And would it be worth spending the money to have them changed out?
I'd appreiate the help of anyone on this board to help me with this decision?