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    So how many of you guys
    have installed rheems
    modulating furnaces?
    And any home owner have
    one? what do you all think
    of them? I'm really amazed
    that they are not pushed
    more.And aren't more

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    Baldloonie speaks awfully high of them.
    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    SO AM I!. There is nothing better out there. I guess the smoke screen of variable speed blowers on the markets two stage furnaces has people believing there the same thing as the modulating furnace. There still a two speed blower (2 CFM's). The mod variable from 40% to 100%. Baldy has a chart that I 'stole' I'll try to post it again.
    The image system is down.
    I have installed a few and I have some insight to thier design.
    My parents have it and there comment is "I have to go outside to see if it's cold. The house is always the same temperature and I can't here the furnace cycle to tell if its running more than normal." On thier unit I put all the bells and whistles - humidifier - electronic air cleaner high seer AC.

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