I own a two-story home with one HVAC unit ("Goodwin" or "Goodman", I think). There's one thermostat - it's not zoned.
When the outside temp is 75, and the tstat is set to 74, downstairs temps fluctuate from 71 to 78, while upstairs temps fluctuate from 80-89 degrees.
I recently spoke with a HVAC company who recommended a zoned system. It's a relatively new home and the HVAC system is actually still under builder's warranty, which is soon to expire. (Warranty states temps shouldn't fluctuate more than 5-6 degrees between rooms.)

Now the same company (the one the builder contracts for the warranty work) is telling me they can install more dampers to regulate the air, but I'm concerned the builder is just trying to get out of the expense and buy time until after the warranty expires. I know the builder doesn't want to go to the extra expense of installing a zoned system, and I don't want to get stuck with the expense myself.

Can anyone tell me what the likelihood is that more dampers will actually regulate the system/temps properly?
If dampers will get the job done, that's fine.


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