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    I built a new home in michigan . I am having a major problem with ice forming on in the center of my windows and inadequate heating to several rooms. All of them are doing it.

    The following things have been done to eliminate the problem but have not worked:
    1. Blew more insulation in the attic.
    2. Cleaned the windows to make sure they close tightly.
    3. Checked the furnace and duct work - air flow, negative pressure, and etc..
    4. Checked for high or more than average humidity.- No problem found
    5. Changed the Furnace Filter.

    Several rooms at times are 7-10 degrees lower than what my thermostat is set to.

    Note: During the month of December 2005, my thermostat was set to 78 degrees and still several rooms did not get over 71 degrees.

    The builder and window manufacturer said the windows are manufactured and installed properly.

    What do you think? thanks for your help we are freezing!!!.

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    Sounds like a ductwork or balance of ductwork problem..
    You need to have your hvac contractor come out with his room by room load calcultation and do an airflow balance to get it within the parameters of the room by room calculation..
    This can be either a hard thing to achieve or an easy one to achieve.. If they are unable to correctly balance the system, they may need to redesign the ductwork to get the proper airflow..

    Things the hvac contractor needs to do:
    1.) Room by room load calculation..
    2.) Balometer(flow-hood) or velometer or any other way to properly determine the cfm coming from each registar.. I like my lo-flow balometer for this task..
    3.) Take before cfm readings..
    4.) Compare before cfm readings to that called for by load calculation..
    5.) Adjust dampers in branch runs to get cfm up or down to registars as needed..
    6.) Take final cfm readings and compare to load calc requirements... Hopefully it is very close or else duct modification will need to be performed..
    7.) Take total ESP static pressure and make sure the unit is moving the proper amount of air according to the manufacturer fan chart.. Hopefully is less than .7esp//// If the total esp is abnormally high after balance has been done, duct modification is going to be necessary to lower total esp to satifactory readings..

    Good luck
    Also once the balance or any change is made the temp rise of the furnace must be checked to make sure it is within manufacturer parameters..

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    You need to get a local contractor to do a complete evaluation & make recommendations.

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    Are you keeping the doors to these rooms closed?

    Is it a split level?

    Are these rooms over a garage?
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    Also as far as I know, the only way you can get condensation or ice in the center of your window glass is if the seal is bad.. I take it from your description that the ice or condensation is inbetween the two panes of glass of the window.. Is this window a double pane sealed,, possibly with argon?? If so, I don't think you can get moisture between the panes of glass without the seal being bad..

    How old is your home???
    Has this problem started from day one??
    What brand and type of window do you have??
    Be more descriptive about the condensation problem you are having..

    Good luck

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    Thanks to everyone for responsing. I really appreciate your experience and suggestions.

    Advanced Response: The ice is on the roomside. I can touch it. This is a new home just built four months again and the condensation forming to ice started just when the temp dropped below 32 degrees. The humidity according to my hygrometer has not reached 35% yet for the home. The windows are Simonton Pro Finish Builder Single hung windows (vinyl). I live in Michigan. Here are the some of the specs for the windows:

    .49 .50

    2.00 2.04

    Inside Glass temp

    Relative Humidity Condesation point

    BoltonNC - This icing issue is on all the windows. NO Doors i.e living room, kitchen and Doors - Bedrooms. The inadequate heating occurs in the library (first floor) on the furnace side of the house. Two bedrooms on the same side of the house and the 2nd floor.

    This is a 2 story colonial home and none of the rooms are over the garage. thanks

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    Sounds like a window problem....

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