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    Long story short: Is it OK to allow the 'line-set' in my attic lay on top of the ceiling joists and insulation? I have a split unit in my attic in Fort Worth, TX. Thanks, Mike

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    Not a problem as far as I know. But don't let the lines rest against the roof decking. When you get a new roof you risk a nail pucture.

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    Long as it's not touching anything sharp, or near anything sharp, and long as it's out of the way (if you have a walk way up there) so it doesn't get damaged by crawling around, I'd say it's ok too.

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    just make sure the suction line(the big one) is fully insulated with no copper showing or itwill drip water.

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    Most important when running copper accross ceiling joists is make sure the suction line is fully insulated with no rips or cuts, also make sure that the copper is in a location so it wont get stepped on. I prefer to suspend line sets to avoid any possible problems, including noise and vibration, mice, heavy objects, and a possible trip hazard.
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