Hi. We have a 1750-ish farmhouse and are looking to potentially replace our oil-sucking steam boiler with a Unico system. My parents keep warning us of the horror stories of forced hot-air heating system (cold spots, dry air, etc.). We've had a couple of experienced Unico installer through the house and they think it's doable. I understand the physics and operation of the Unico system, and it's low impact to the houses esthetics is a major plus. However, I'm very concerned about going from a very well and evenly heated (yet antiquated) house to something less. I have read other sites where it has been stated that the high-velocity, aspiration-based systems like Unico do a better job at creating even heating and cooling.

Any experiences and advice, both professional and homeowner, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Bob Gregory
N. Scituate, RI