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    Jeff Beck isn't dead.
    Probably the best guitarist I ever saw in concert, and I seen em all.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Lou Reed. "Heroin, Sweet Jane, Take a Walk on the Wild Side"

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    Originally posted by lilquiz
    heard the other day they will be holding a Janis Joplin tibute concert...wonder who will try to match her power
    Originally posted by tonys
    that chick was hard to look at.


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    san jose,ca.
    MY exwife would do fine.

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    Speaking of Janis Joplin

    Did you see Melissa Etheridge's Janis Tribute during the Grammy's? She does a killer Janis, she's got that whisky/raspy voice thing down. Doing it cue-ball bald on national tv gives a new definition to "huevos".

    There was also an off broadway play in NY with Beth Hart as Janis. Sadly Beth has some similar chemical/alcohol tendencies. She was on a radio show and admitted that she didn't remember being up to the studio the last 3 or so times . . .


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    catch the Monteray Pop festival with Hendrix on DVD,and blast it.that was 67' he does Wild Thing ...and Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone!
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by aircooled53
    Jim Croce
    J.Geils/Still kicking
    Jim Morrison
    Jeff Beck/The Best
    John Foggerty/Still Great
    Jimi Hendricks
    Jimmy Buffett/Still Good
    I won't leave out Karen & Richard Carpenter..

    I know Not all of these people are dead but,forgotten.
    'Life begins with the journey each day'

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