First of all, thanks for all the imput on my last question.
I am about to get bids on having a new gas furnace installed. What would be your choices?
Location: Minne-so-cold
House: Walk out rambler built in 1985.
Size: 1700 square feet each floor.
Construction: 2by6 walls, new Marvin windows.
My age: 54
Age of present furnace: 1985, was put in when house was built. Rheen 90% rating.

I am not looking for some high tech super efficent furnace. I had an A.O.Smith SureShot gas water heater put in, which is "state of the art", and it has been nothing but problems. The installer even replaced it, but it just went out again recently.
My present furnace has never needed repair, but at 20 years old, it's time to replace it before I retire.