My carrier rep just left at 9:00pm. He has been here for 3 hours including dinner. We had chili.
Ened up with the carrier infinity system when it was all said and done.
He was a likeable fellow and had all the answers.
I still have the option of going back to my orginal setup of 38yza and fv48n variable speed air handler.
Their cost was the highest, but I am told their guys are in school on a regular basis keeping up with the times.
I did think the shoe covers where a professional touch and he was honest enough to say we're not the cheapest and maybe the highest, but we are one of the best.
I really think he may be true to his word.
Will be out to do calc. next week before unit is installed.
Learned alot from you guys and just wanted to say thanks.
He is also nate certified.