I know all you pros know if carrier or york is the cadilac.
I don't, I just want the best value for my dollar now and in the long run. Future repairs down the line.
If my installer/company goes to crap, who is more likely to step up and help... carrier or york?
Prices are all over the place so ya don't have a clue who fair or trying to secure a trip to the bahamas.
Does carrier cost a 1,000 more wholesale than york? Does trane cost a 1,000 more than carrier?
I would think that they all much closer in wholesale price than what is let on here or anywhere else.
If all the units are crap, then why not buy cheap as it gets and replace every 5 years.
Maybe ya'll should try to do something to clean up the product manufacture and who installs them.
List all the junk products and who install them and maybe people on the outside could weed it out from there.
This is not ment to offend anyone who still takes pride in their work, we just wish we knew who you where and what part of the country.