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You don't need strips at all. I live in a 5500 htsf all electric house in SC with 7T of 12 seer HP's. That's 785sf/T. All the strips are disconnected. My avg. KWH for Jan05 was 105 and it got down to 16F a couple of times. I have 3 systems with 3 stats and all held their set points at 16F ODA without ANY strip heat. You have 1500/3.5= 428sf/T was is 83% MORE cap. than I have and you're in a warmer climate. Unless you live in a tent you have more than enough heating cap. without any strips. The only thing the strips will do is mask a problem with your HP in heating mode. With the strips disconnected you will know when the HP isn't working so you can get it fixed. Then what do you figure will happen during defrost rfelectron?