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    Can I get a little pro help here. Don't know alot about either installer.
    Replacing 10 year old heat pump and blower on inside.
    New unit to be puron, either york infinity 3.5 ton with variable speed blower or carrier 38yza with fv4 variable speed blower.
    Cost difference is a couple of thousand, higher being the carrier.
    One says replace copper, one does not. Who is correct?
    Cheaper price is just basicly trading units out and other is new return grills,copper, 60 amp disconnect,seal raised floor return,permit,new pad,trap drain safety switch?( don't know what that is)
    Who has the better unit when it does come repair time. Cost,ease of working on, etc
    Any help or insite to help me make a decision?

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    Sounds like a no brainer to me.

    You get what you pay for, esp in HVAC...
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    Man you are comparing a steak to a hot dog...
    Ofcourse there is going to be a significant amount of money differance between the two systems because one contractor is doing alot more than the other contractor..
    You would have to ask the carrier contractor why he believes the other upgrades are needed,, there is probably a reason for every piece that he included..

    You can't compare two brands reliability with out comparing the install each one will get...

    Compare the contractors not the brand.. It sounds like the carrier contractor is being much more detailed in his replacement which he may also have more detailed installers??who knows??
    That is why we always preach on this site that to investigate your contractor wisely and don't let the money make the decision.. A economical brand system installed by a great contractor is better than a cadilac brand system installed by a hack if money is an issue..

    Good luck

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    You might just get luck with the lower priced job, but then again you might get what you paid for. The Carrier guy is saying those things need to be done because he needs to know it is done right and he as no recourse on warranty if he fails to do his job correctly. The other guy just doesnt know any better and its a gamble. The question is are you willing to risk it.

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    Ask about thwe Carrier ,Infinity Control,this will require an FE4 air handler,if not ,get the Thermidistat Control,with the FV4 air handler,either will do a great job of dehumidifing in the cooling mode,and you have better comfort than ever before.

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    If the York guy is installing r410a then he needs to change out the lines also. I think both are pretty good equipment. As said eariler you get what you pay for go for the contractor that will give you service after the sale and stand behind whatever he is selling.

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    I hate to say it, but I think I'd go with the Carrier, that contractor sounds more like he is going to install the system to work right, and not just slap a unit in.
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