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    must of missed the part about the kit.,bath tieing into it...........DEFINITELY get it wander it is clogging up...

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    I wonder if a chimney sweep could stuff a brush in there and push the crap out the end of the vent pipe? I wonder if they even have equipment long enough. Not sure how the set up is to pull the screen off of the end of the pipe, though. Six stories up...unless it's right at the balcony or shouldn't touch it unless it's a zero reach situation to work on it.

    Pressure check, first...make sure it is plugged up before you call out the National Guard.

    Just something to ponder...

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    Thanks for all the advice.

    I should clear up a couple of things. The duct is not in common for kitchen, bath, and dryer. From what I can see on the lower floor vents they all converge as separate ducts and are installed behind one grating on the face of the building next to each other. So there is a 12x4 grating with three 4" ducts terminating behind it.

    I am ashamed to say that I am currently using one of those indoor dryer vents that was proposed. It does dump a lot of humidity into the room, but since I switched to a more efficient front-loading washer which spins at 1200rpm the clothes go into the dryer only slightly damp. Certainly much better than when I had the old dryer venting into the condo. That one not only dumped massive humidity, but it had the problem with the lint not getting trapped by the screen so it dumped that into the room too.

    I heard back from my condo board and they do plan to replace all of the exterior vents with a normal louvered design when they do the work on the windows of some of the units, but they are not sure when that will happen. I will give a call to a couple HVAC companies I have seen driving around in the neighborhood and see what they say. I know it isn't the sexiest job for a pipefitter to do, though, so if they give me the brushoff I will try a sheetmetal guy.

    I went back to the website of the company that did my attempt at cleaning and they now offer a camera to go through your duct for free when you get them cleaned. Maybe I can pay them to come and give me a dryer-oscopy since their cleaning didn't solve the problem.

    If anyone has a recommendation for a firm around DC that might be interested in helping me out with the duct problem maybe you can drop me an email. munter at is the address. Since the building is self-managed if I am proactive about it I might be able to get the business for the whole building done instead of just my unit by being the one willing to tackle the problem.

    I am also interested in talking to someone about the causes and possible remedies for this massive negative pressure I (we) seem to have. I put plastic up on the windows to keep out the drafts and they inflate like a balloon. heh. Air blows in my windows, my stove vent, under my door. Wish it would blow in my dryer vent and clear some lint. I have no idea where it is going. Maybe up the fireplace, but I have the damper closed. /shrug Maybe it's just venturi forces since I am on the west (windy) side of the building, but I would have expected that to suck air out, not blow it in.

    Edit: Thought I would add a link to a picture of the front of the building so you could see what I was talking about. My unit is the second from the top on the left side. For some reason my vent is the only one with a little awning on top of it. My Vent

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