Two truckers are driving out in the middle of knowhere when the shotgun rider say's "Hey, I gotta take a crap".

The driver say's "cant you hold it?"

"No...I gotta go baaad"

The driver pulls over the the shotgun rider races off to the side of the road in a small culvert.

A few minutes later the guy hollers back up to the truck " got any piece of paper?"

Driver: "No, aint got no paper in here....aint you got a dollar?"

Shotgun rider: "Yeah"

Driver: "well use that!"

A few minutes later the guy comes up out of the culvert with crap all over his hand, arm and pants.

Driver: "OMG...what happened to you?"

Shotgun rider: " ever tried and wipe your a$$ with 3 quarters two dimes and a nickle?"