What did Boomhauer Read?
107.7 KBPI Denver, CO
Thursday 12-09-2010 8:08am MT

to the person who decided it would be funny to poop in the recycling bin on my front porch, this is for you:
Who are you? Never in my life have I known someone who would have the audacity to walk onto someones front porch, with the light on, and drop a huge, crescent shaped, deuce.

Why us? Did me and/or my roommates do something to piss you off or offend you? Or was this random?

Are you homeless? There are gas stations and fast food restaurants right down the street with normal bathrooms. There is also a slightly wooded area right around the corner.

Why the recycling bin? You should have just gone for the steps, or the porch itself. It would have made more of a point.

We did not see any toilet paper. Which leads me to my last question....

Did you even wipe?