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    After our heating system was installed the anti-freeze in the translucent PEX pipes (to air-handler) was visible as a red color. After running the system for a week or so the color has disappeared. Is that normal?

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    re,: pex antifreeze question:
    the red color disappearing after a week or so can be normal depending on the type and source of the colorant (dye) used.
    Did the antifreeze come with red dye in it?
    Was dye added to the antifreeze at time of system filling?
    Was any other chemical additive placed in the system that
    could of had a reaction (such as bleaching)?
    I suggest you contact the manufacture or supplier of the antifreeze or manuf. of any other substance added to the system to know of any known reactions.
    I doubt it has any degrading effect on the antifreeze, so don't worry about a little color change.

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