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Thread: furnace install

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    Break out the fire extinguishers, Thread's on fire! At least he asked, hope we didn't run off a guy who at least asked.
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    questions asked, answers received, ignorance abated

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    Okay the furnace was much easier to install 'door side up' because there were no transitons required, but I've already changed it to a horizontal called in the trasitions, and finished the job. so no pictures of my mistake. Some of you are quick to cast stones but at least I am confident enough to admit my mistakes and fix the problem. what matters is its installed correctly and safely and I learned that the heat exchanger isn't designed for this application. on my own dime so the job doesn't go under.

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    This guy is not serious!

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    on your own dime?

    now that's a damn good employee.

    hey, it was a mistake that at least you caught, the boss never should have approved it and should pay you for your t&m's.

    as a matter of fact, he should pay you double for the liability you just saved his company.

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    No wonder the fireplace is making a comeback.This is scary,do so called "boss's" even ask about anything like training or experience anymore?

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    Just because its easier, doesn't mean its the way it should be done.

    If the install instructions are read and understood, the job usually goes in better, and makes a profit.

    Atleast you asked, and then fixed the mistake.
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