Hi guys, my outside a/c unit was replaced last July, I had a Carrier 10 seer unit, my home warranty replaced it with a Payne 10 seer unit. The carrier units compressor was locking up and causing my 50 amp breaker to trip. The Paynee unit worked fine the rest of last year but today my wife called to say the a/c was out again. When I got home I checked the static pressure which measured 110 psi. The outside temp was about 75 degrees with a humidity around 20%. When I connected the low side gauge it blew a bunch of oil on my hand, seemed excessive to me. No oil came out when connecting the high side gauge. I turned on the unit inside and found nothing coming on, found the 50 amp breaker tripped. When I reset the breaker the outside unit came on and made of heck of a noise, sounded to me like the compressor was full of oil. After running for a few minutes the pressures read low=57 psi and high=130 psi. The unit has been on now for a few hours and is cooling good. Any ideas? Thanks Kent