Let me explain my dilema. I have a Rheem Seer 10 heat pump that I am having issues with. On most cold days the unit will function normally. On days like today when the temp hits above 60 and the night dips into the 30's is when I have the problems. I am not very knowledgeable on heating and air but want to gain some insight before I call the repair man. On the 60 degree days the fan will continue to run non-stop without the compressor running. I can go outside and press the reset button on the unit and the compressor will begin working again and start heating the house. After a few minutes the compressor will stop again. I can keep repeating the reset button but I dont know the damage I am doing to the compressor or what safety issues are involved when I keep overriding the shutdown. Any ideas on what could be causing the compressor to stop while the fan continues to run? My first thought is the freon.....I remember back in school that pressure is proportional to temperature so maybe I am either over/undercharged on freon. Just a guess....... Thanks for any advice. I just dont want to get the runaround when I call in the service request.