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    Any of you guys get called to a houses that needs an old piece of crap equipment replaced and the same whiney song starts called "I ain't got no money" but the house is packed to the hilt with Nascar stuff. Rooms made up like a shrine to their favorite driver. How valuable can the same matchbox cars be when there are 50,000 just alike in everyother house on the block? It may just be me but I dont get it.
    I was working on this old relic of a milwakee thermoflo, no mun for a new one but she wheels out a bunch of Earnhart gear to show me. No mun for AC install either but here she comes out and shows me an umpteen hundred dollar leather Nascar jacket. Here's a nuther one I dont get. Small homes, kids stacked together in small bedroom so the other bedroom can become a shrine to Jeff Gordan.
    "The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

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    rednecks gotta love them.
    we all have our prorities some are just more out of wack them others
    Still learning opinions welcome.

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    Yep Ive been to a few of those myself...I dont get it either, at some point it goes beyond being a fan and becomes hero worship, I went to one guys house where there was DE stuff EVERYWHERE, even the box of Wheaties on the table, he had turned his truck into a memorial with air brushing on the tailgate and all, you would think the man was his father.

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    The black monte ss in the garage with a cover over it is a tip off me.

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    It don't have to be just Nascar crap. It's all around. How about when you go to a run down nasty ass house with dirty kids that don't look like they've ate in a month yet there's a Lexus with 22" chrome wheels in the drive and a big screen tv in the living room. The parents have on all name brand latest style clothes yet they aint got no money.

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    Why pay lots of money for the new furnace that you NEED when you can buy this?

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