Hi, replacing Furnace and A/C, Need- 95kBTU and 4 ton a/c
Currently have 25 y/o stuff, drafty house, 2600 sqft. I live in Northern NJ (Zone 2)After searching this forum I found a lot of very useful info- THANKS! I know I need to balance the duct work system but really looking for improved humidity and temp control. Looking at Carrier Infinity 80 (58 cva) and Infinity 18 (38 tdb) the local salesperson recomended a Performance 14 (38 tsa) but it's not a 2 speed motor and since I hate hot weather, I really want a nice cool, dry home. QUESTION- does this sound like a good setup? What else do I need to buy? Infinity control? What would be a good price (ballpark)?

THANKS in advance.