I will be having my ancient gas furnace replaced by a high efficiency gas furnace (Trane, XR90). Part of the installation includes venting to the outside. The big question: what factors are used to figure out where the vent should be? I can't find any info on this. Is the vent loud or ugly? How big is it? Can I get a picture BEFORE the installers come?

I realize that the furnace vent cannot be near my dryer vents, so that rules out one side of the house (the dryer vent is basically in the middle of my house and I think the code is that the vents should be at least 10 feet away). Since I don't think it should vent to the front, that leaves two sides: the back or the remaining side.

The remaining side of the house abuts my driveway. Is there any reason that would make this a bad choice? My concern is that it would be in full view every time I enter the house. That leaves the back of the house. The pipe would then have to go underneath all the beams of basement ceiling - is this viable?

Also.... it's going to be around 20-30 degrees here - I'm assuming the installation will be done in one day & I will have heat that night. Should I worry about this or double check with the installer? I certainly don't want frozen pipes!!

Thanks so much!