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    Its probably functioning as normal.

    The lower the outdoor temp, the longer run times you will have. Therefore the indoor blower will run what seems like constantly, especially at night time when you are home to observe the system

    Occasionally the system will turn on the electric heat strips to help you stay at a desired temperature. That is probably when you feel that the air is dramatically warmer.

    If it really concerns you though, just cough up some cash for a service call.

    It should not take more than an hour or so to check it out.

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    Originally posted by holstein05
    heck, for the right money, I'll sweep floors and you can call me whatever you'd like.

    I would, too.
    And have.
    And have been called whatever..., including draftsman.

    ...or is this a problem I need to get professional help to fix? I don't mind either, I just need to know 'cause right now I'm at a loss...
    Based on what you have posted so far, I would have to say call a local contractor.
    A good HVAC technician/mechanic can evaluate your system and make recommendations.
    It is worth the money for peace of mind.
    It is very likely that your heating bills can be lessened considerably.
    If it is not performing as intended, the equipment will have a shorter life. (general statement)

    If you really want more info, post model numbers.
    Maybe somebody here will help.

    (You might want to edit your bio to something a little less do-it-yourself-to-save-a-buck.
    DIY means "kick me", on this forum.)

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    Exclamation Electric Air handler

    Originally posted by holstein05
    o.k... let me say it another way.

    Now and then, the air is warm, most the time it's cool air, and the fan NEVER turns off.

    Is that normal?
    Ok, here's the way it works .
    1) thermostat
    White-Heat ~W2
    Green-Fan circuit

    When the thermostat calls for heat a (24)circuit is made to a sequencer/time delayed relay,which is tied to breakers or fusses (1)side the other goes through the time delay through limit control and to electric heat strip.That relay times on /and times off in sequence, it also has low speed fan connected to time delay..

    If the delay is not cycling properly , fan could stay on and strips also/causing High electrical cost.This is not something that you should attempt; without knowledge of wiring or meters to understand which part can be checked with voltage and which can not.

    I would suggest that you call a professional to help you save extra money on your nexted bill...

    'Life begins with the journey each day'

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    The symptoms you give lead me to believe that the outdoor unit is not running. I'll bet the unit is a Rheem or Ruud. There's a red reset switch at the bottom of the outdoor unit that you may push to see if it comes on.

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    Originally posted by holstein05

    heck, for the right money, I'll sweep floors and you can call me whatever you'd like.

    Just don't call me Sally... :-)

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    Thanks to all who did reply to my question. I think I will see about a pro, if nothing else, for peace of mind.

    I would like to also apologize to all you good Pro's. I honestly didn' realize this was a 'pro' site and not a beginner do it yourself type of thing. (I've since read the rules..) In most instances, I have found that there are no results equal to calling the people who know their stuff...

    My most sincere thanks to you all.

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    By the way, the outside unit isn't running, there is not reset (it's a Bryant unit). So this is definitly beyond my knowledge. Thanks again.

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    Troubleshooting 101, page 1.) paragraph 1.)

    Is the piece of equipment I'm troubleshooting running, check yes or no.

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    outside unit, not running.

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    I apologize if you are feeling insulted.
    I never intended to insult you, or your chosen profession.
    I just simply had not memorized the Dictionary of Titles.
    (I've never placed much importance on titles anyway.)

    "Mechanical Designer" is a new term for me.
    What sort of coursework allows one to display that title?

    [Edited by bwal2 on 02-21-2005 at 05:57 PM] [/B][/QUOTE]

    I happen to have ten years field experience, an AS in CADD technology and I'm a registered class B contractor. I work under an engineer designing HVAC systems. My peers are mostly engineers in training. The title mechanical designer is usually given to an engineers aid and implies that the person can handle basic calculations and generally knows what he is doing.

    The term is not exclusive to HVAC. It can be used for any mechanical engineers aid, so this guy could be designing car parts for all we know. Calling a mechanical designer a draftsman is the equivalent to calling a seasoned teck a helper.

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    Now wait a minute, we can offer some simple things to check.

    Find your breaker panel and make sure the breaker (2 pole to heat pump isnt tripped). If it is, try resetting it. There may also be one located in the disconnect box at the outdoor section on the wall or it may have a pull out that contains fuses. You could pull the disconnect and replace the fuses but they are special fuses that have a time delay. Only use exact replacement fuses (I recommend letting this part be done by your tech if he determines them to be bad).

    Make sure your thermostat is set to heat, not emergency heat and calling for heat so you can check the outdoor unit if it is running or not. If it will not run (understand there may be a 5 minute time delay before starting) then switch it back to emergency heat and call for service.

    The reason your fan doesnt shut off is because the thermostat doesnt satisfy the first bulb on the stat, it is cycling the electric heat on the second one. In 20 degrees this may be normal for the fan not to shut off very often. at 30 degrees it should cycle occasionally.

    No this is not a DIY site but we do offer some things to check before you call for service. Make sure you check and change your filter. If all that is ok, its best to call for service.

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    You're too kind to give me this knowledge. I am quite certain everything has been done that my pea brain can handle. I checked to see if the outside unit was running, but didn't think to give it 5 minutes. We are in the 20's right now, so we are running the 'em ht' and monitoring the electricity usage etc. After a couple of days of this, we are going to flip to the heat pump, and do the same thing, checking on all that you have mentioned. We are not at home much, so intermitent usage of the 'em ht' may suffix until temps come back up outside.

    Thank you again.

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