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Thread: Bashing others.

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    I chose not to register in the professional member section, being a regular member is ok with me. I do not want my credentials viewed because I work for a Texas company but reside in Louisiana and am the sole Louisiana mechanical license holder so we can bid on jobs here in the Bayou state. My company treats me very well.

    All I can say is that I will not bash anyone unless I am bashed first.

    Ain't nun of us prefict, and as someone stated before, we are here to help each other.

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    We all live in differant parts of this great United states. We voice our own opinions of products, ways of life but the trying to beat up on each other has got to come to a halt. Yes I stand in the supply houses listining to other techs,owners.and others talk about bad owners,tech's and homeowners. No this dont make you look high and mighty.It honestly makes you a fool. My credentials are this. i spent my time in the U.S/Army.Active duty. For 10 years till I was hurt. I then opened my own HVAC company with no money only by my wife and myself.I built up a very very large company untill I sold out to a very good offer at the time to a well know service company nationwide. I took that money and invested in property, some luxury items and some very wise investments. I now opened a supply house (yes supply house) I deal with homeowners and service companies on a dailey basis. I have over 25 years in this field,I am no small chicken and wasnt hatched. I was taught the hard way with blood and gut's. We all need to be thankfull that there is a site like this where we can all come realx enjoy and learn some new things. Listen to the homeowners and you will learn what they want out of the service,new install and everything else that goes. I dont want no smart a#$ in my home and I bet neither do you. It is time to enjoy life and dont worry about the curves it should throw to you. If you feel bashed. Just dont reply back let em be a real man and show his true colors. Have fun ya'all this is what it is all about. Isnt it?

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    Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff.
    Now what about a big group hug!
    There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action....Mark Twain

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    Seems to me

    Most new people to this site think we have had a rash of temper tantrums lately.....It's been like this for a couple years that I know of. It usually blows over quickly... unless you keep pushing someones' buttons... Remember, it takes two people to argue... or was that for something else ???
    Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.

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