What is happening here guy's? Seems the past few weeks,& day's there has been alot of bashing others posts and the info,then it leads to name calling. It is like we are trying to out do the other who may have posted ahead of the other, alot of bad blood here also I see. People want to be a cheif when they are just an indian, This isnt our site and I only see two (2) moderators whom are B-C1 and Boss. This is a place for techs,and business owners to come relax and learn a little more. It is a place to come meet pthers in the same field and with the same interests. It is a place where home owners can come and get some idea of what is on the market,it also is a place for home owners to ask what may be the problem with their unit. Have we all forgotten that the homeowner pays our wage or salary? Have we forgotten the ethics of consideration of others. If we are so profesional why do we hide our CREDENTIALS? Sure mine is hidden because it was my choice and will be public soon. Some of you all seen my web site and that is the reason it is hidden at this time.You could be losing out on a service call or change out by hiding your info.I say the same for homeowners also,fill out your profile. Lets lighten up some guy's. This is not romper room or our private little playground. Cant we all get along????/

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