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    I just got through working 9, 12 hour days and nights in a row. Got off at 6am Sunday morning. I thought I was off until Monday morning. I had a few beers yesterday morning knowing that I was off. The plant calls at 2pm. They need me there a 6pm to work until 6am. Well I take a little nap then off to work. Now get this. They paid me 12 hours OT last night. I'm supposed to be at work right now, Monday. Their paying me my regular pay for not being there today. It's called company discretion. See what I say about selling your soul. A lot of these companies are short handed. If you are a young man the money is in the refinerys and petrochemical plants. Roy

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    and so is the danger

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    it doesnt take to many sparks on that cracker to watch all hell break loose (tosco 1992)

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