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    I recently moved into a home with a Rheem Imperial 90 Plus (RGEB) furnace. In the Maintenance section of the User's Manual it states that I need to clean the "upflow filter" that goes below the blower. Problem is, there is no filter installed! Moreover, I don't see how I could even get a filter into the space; there wouldn't be enough clearance between the top of the nominally 1" thick filter and the bottom of the blower housing. I assume the 16x25x1 filter is supposed to sit on the edges of the sheet metal that forms the opening, as the opening itself is only 15 x 23.5. Do you suppose the blower was replaced at some point and the replacement blower was larger (taller) than the original? What can I do? I think it will be bad practice to leave the unit unfiltered.

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    I think they are referring to a filter at the botom of an upflow furnace. if there is not one there look in the connecting ductwork that connects to the furnace near the bottom this should be the return air ducting. Rheem comes shipped with a hole in the bottom and if the bottom is not used as a return it needs to be closed off with sheet metal during the installation.

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    Yes, you are correct. The manual refers to a filter that covers the opening in the bottom of the furnace. Figure 2 in the manual shows the location of the filter quite clearly. The filter covers the hole in the bottom of the furnance. In my case, the furnace is sitting on the air return, an installer-fabricated sheet metal duct on the floor of my basement. There is no place in the ductwork for a filter at the intake of the furnance, but there is a holder for a disposable filter at the entrance to the air return in the hallway upstairs. I think I should have a filter installed here, to protect the furnace, but I don't know how to get it in place. I do not know who installed the furnace.

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    you might have a filter-grille. the face will open up and a filter will go there....or on the bottom of the furnace there should be a big "U"-spring that would hold the filter down to the bottom of the furnace.

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    The arrow on the new filter should point upward in the ceiling filter grill.

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    The unit comes with a filter that would have fit in that opening, it was more like a mesh plastic about 3\8 inches wide. If you have one or two ceiling returns and he put filters there it should be all you need. You don't want to add pressure drop to return duct.

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