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    I thought so.... I wonder what he said.... maybe he was comenting on my ancestry or something.

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    Re: Still condensing by the minute

    Originally posted by Pioneer

    Part of this post was deleted because Controle_noob wears women’s underwear, 3 days straight without changing
    I suppose now you'll say there is some other way to wear them? :-)

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    Originally posted by docholiday
    Why is there a post missing? I specificly responded to it and now it isnt there.
    They were deleted. It was a member messing with us trying to stir up trouble. I have allowed him to retain his original member name for now, assuming he will not do it again.

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    I hope this thread will now suffer its own demise. I know I suffered reading some of the posts here and witnessed some truly embarrassing and unprofessional behavior, at best! RIP.

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    Wow folks that was some gut wrentching stuff. Some of yall sound pretty angry. Im a little surprized at all this, Im speechless and hoping the majority of techs out there dont share your hostility nor lack of common sense. Like they say " common sense aint so common ". Or something like that. Relax life is to short. IMHO.

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