Maybe you should try typing slower, I can’t keep up with all of your lies, but I'll try. First you say you never accused me of breaking the rules,

For the record, I never accuse YOU of violating the rules, I accused "Seattle Pioneer" of that. If you're having difficulty comprehending this, I can type slower.

Originally posted by condenseddave
I didn't overlook anything.

Read my FIRST line. That's a hyperlink to the site rules.

I never said that anyone wasn't welcome here.

Again, you're trying to twist things around to suit your own unprofessional agenda. Try actually working for a living in the HVAC trade, Seattle, before you dole out anymore of your own version of dangerous advice.

You've tried this before, and lost. So you changed your name slightly, your MO is still the same.

Ok type slower, because it appears that you said Seattle pioneer was breaking the rules, and that I am Seattle pioneer.

Then when you find out you are incorrect AGAIN you offer a lamb apology, and then immediately follow it with.

What more can I say? You perform in the same manner as "Seattle Pioneer" regarding this particular subject.


If you're gonna hang out with skunks, you're gonna stink.

No we're not just hanging out, we're related right

You're obviously related to this guy, in some way, because your lame arguments and your incessant pointing to (already corrected) errors is identical to his.

You don't seem to be very accurate with anything you say, no matter how slow you type.

If you are not implying that I have broken site rules, then why are you so defensive? As I said earlier I don't fault anyone for choosing to withhold assistance, why do you feel compelled to flame those of us who offer minimal assistance within the site rules?

So just a quick recap of statements you have made all of which are wrong:
You said I do not work in the trade,
You said I am twisting your words for my own agenda,
You said I am Seattle Pioneer,
You said I am related to Seattle Pioneer,
You called me cowardly, (again assuming you were correct about my hidden identity)
You said you are not using scare tactics, didn't you say
If you're answering DIY questions, you're not only violating the forum rules, but you're opening the owners of the site up to liabilities, should someone cause damage, injury or worse?
Although somewhat timid, still you imply doom to the forum if you help someone.
So yeah, maybe you should type slower, keeping up with your lies at this pace is too much to handle.

Part of this post was deleted because Controle_noob wears women’s underwear, 3 days straight without changing