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I understand that, but the reality is that they come and ask questions and we being the customer oriented people that we are do not turn them down.
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Forum rule #2
Do-It-Yourselfers - not here.

This site is for industry professionals and folks seeking HVAC/R advice and knowledge. Please do not ask for step by step instructions on purchasing, installing or repairing your own HVAC equipment, that is our job and our livelihood. We are generous, but not to a fault.

Questions of this type will not be answered and may be deleted

Dave I think you may have overlooked something in your quote
you completely skipped over this one to get to the section you quoted.

Who Is Welcome Here?

Anyone in the HVAC industry and home or building owners with HVAC/R concerns and other polite and fun people that are willing to contribute.

I didn't overlook anything.

Read my FIRST line. That's a hyperlink to the site rules.

I never said that anyone wasn't welcome here.

Again, you're trying to twist things around to suit your own unprofessional agenda. Try actually working for a living in the HVAC trade, Seattle, before you dole out anymore of your own version of dangerous advice.

You've tried this before, and lost. So you changed your name slightly, your MO is still the same.

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