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    I just visited this site for the Wankel engine. It is facinating.
    I was just wondering if anyone has ever investigated the thousands of possible ideas, inventions, expired-patents on the rotary engine, (compressor)???

    "History of Rotary Machines

    The rotary combustion engine must not be confused with "rotary" aircraft engines which are piston cylinders arranged in a circle. The whole engine rotates. They came into vogue in the first World War.

    There are three main types of true rotary engines: 1) Wankel types based on eccentric rotors, 2) Scissor action types using vanes or pistons, and 3) Revolving block types ('cat and mouse' type). Engines are closely related to pumps and compressors: the former drives and the latter is driven.

    Designs for rotary engines were proposed as early as 1588 by Ramelli, though it took the development of the Otto cycle engine in 1876 and the advent of the automobile in 1896 to set the stage for a proper rotary combustion engine. Furthermore, it took Felix Wankel to catalogue and organize 862 configuration pairs, of which 278 are impractical. Wankel investigated 149. Prior to 1910, more than 2000 patents for rotary pistons were filed."

    Just wanted to hear your views. Not trying to re-invent the wheel here. Thinking out loud, so to speak.

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    I thought rotory compressors were fairly commonplace.

    Did I miss something?

    By the way, R12 - Where have you been?
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