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    ya know

    we all have such big mouths in here. The fact no one replied to these unbelievable pictures is a statement in itself. Thanks for the pics, Don, they are worth saving as a rememebrance of this terrible tragedy.
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    I saved every one

    My daughter is only 3 1/2. What do you say to her when she asks you why mommy is crying? Many many years from now she will be told what happened. I just don't know if I can tell her why it happened.

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    My neigbor was trying to wake me up once the first plane hit. He stood up on our roof in Jersey City NJ and videotaped the entire second plane and collapses. I went up about ten minutes after it collapsed and I am happy I don't have that image permanently in my head as it happened in real time. The commuter train PATH ends up in a sub basement of WTC and I have travelled through that building more times than I want to imagine. I lived one block away from the trade center on Maiden Lane, Next to Century 21 Dept Store in the year following the first bombing and watched them rebuild the mechanincal facilities of the builiding as I entered the building to get on the subways. I cannot look out my windows of my condo without getting sad, the skyline looks like it is missing its front teeth. These pics reveal much more than the live coverage does, and the reality of this is that it is exponentially worse when seen in person. The first night my parents asked me to stay with them in the suburbs about 14 miles west of the city and at about 11:30 pm I decided to come back home and decided I wouldn't be forced scared out of my own bed and house. Upon Arriving home could look up in the sky seeing police and militar y planes observing. I can hear air activity all night and get woken by it at nite sometimes expecting something to follow. anyhow the first week I had no emotions toward this now I am sad, scared and know the world will NEVER be the same again. We are much more vulnerable than we believed. I think we will all discover this in the future. All I can say is God Bless this Great country and hope that we can get through this time.

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    God Bless you too, andrewd33!

    and thank you for your post.


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    "Ditto" What Boss said.
    Jim T.

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    Pix say it all. I finally was able to get the Time special edition. Got 5 copies. Am going to frame the cover and hang one at home and one in my office. I feel really blessed these days. My son is a union electrican and was working at 1 Liberty Plaza. He had a transfer pass to work at the Dean Witter? office at 9:30. He saw the second hit. He lost over 100 friends and co-workers. I feel blessed that he has both parents that are able to comfort him in this time of grieving. God bless the victims, their families, their friends and God Bless America.
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