Need some feedback. Iím considering changing employers. This is a big decision for me and some of you may have a viewpoint I'm not considering. Please understand that I feel very lucky to be confronted with this situation as I know that there are a lot of people out there who would love to be in my shoes.

Hereís the situation. Current job: Fortune 500 company. Union job. Pay after 4 years - $26 and change. Great benefits Ė medical, prescription, dental, great working environment. All dayshift with a little overtime. Probably the best job Iíll ever find! Problem is the division needs to cut operating expenses by 25%. Layoffs are unavoidable. I am somewhere around 16 spots from the bottom by seniority. As long as Management doesnít eliminate any jobs in my trade Iím safe because no one on site is qualified to bid into my position. On the other hand, if any HVAC jobs go, Iím out because I have no seniority to bid anywhere else. Odds are Iím out, although nothing is definite. Management is very tight lipped until the last minute and they have given a very broad timeline for the changes.

Another opportunity has presented itself. Different Fortune 500 company. Union job. Starting pay $21 and change. Benefits are comparable. Closer to home, 20 minute ride compared to 50 minutes. Probably the 2nd best job Iíll ever find! Problem is this one is primarily 3rd shift with possibility of some rotation and plenty of overtime. (Problem is Iím a single parent of a 13 year old.)

Hereís my question. Do I jump the gun and leave the best job ever for a shorter commute and peace of mind about job security, or do I pass up the 2nd best job ever and ride it out hoping I donít get laid off ?