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    Hi Everyone:

    I'm replacing a 26 year old Heil furnace and learning a lot by reading the posts here. I wonder if you could provide some advice? I've got two bids so far on a new furnace. It heats a 1,400 square ranch in Buffalo, NY.

    *Trane XR 80 (TUD080C936K, 63k BTU unit for $1,565).

    *Heil DLX 80 series (75k BTU unit for $1,775).

    The pricing is not that far apart, so I'm not asking about that. But what do you think about those two models?

    Also, two related question.

    (1) I've got a 20 year old air conditioner connected to the furnace. I very rarely use the air conditioner, though it does work. Since the installers will have easy access to the indoor coil once the old furnace is out, one salesmen suggested I change it now (for $168).

    (2) I have a brick chimney running up the center of the house, which the water heater and furnace share, Do I need a liner? The Trane salesman said no. The other guy suggested it, but then said maybe I don't need it because its center location might be kept warm enough.

    Thanks for your time.


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    I would put a liner in,
    It will still vent without it, But it will condensate and the mortar joints will slowly start to crumble.

    The coil can be changed at anytime, If it has a metal drain pan, I would have it checked out real good for rusted holes or any sign of it starting to rust through.
    If it is metal, and looks like it's starting to rust, I'd change it.

    You don't want it to drain all over your new furnace this summer.
    If you try to fail, and succeed.
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    From the info you have posted...I'd RUN, not walk away from these two guys.

    Coil change for $168??????

    Did either of these guys do a Manual J & D?
    And being in NY, you really need to look at the savings that you'd recieve from a high efficient 90+ unit.

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    If you've read the forum long enough than you've read a dozen times to forget about the brand and focus on the contractor. Since your question is focused on exactly the opposite, the lesson hasn't been learned. Keep reading.

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    168 bills for a coil? go for it before he realizes he screwed up.

    [Edited by billva on 02-20-2005 at 07:58 AM]

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    Yea, thats a deal and a half for a cae coil.

    Contractor locator map


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