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    People I need an answer ASAP I ran our of oil tonight so I went to the gas station, got some Kero and used that, upon resetting the system it still was blowing out cold air. HELP this is a 10 year old Beckett Oil Burner in a Uni-Cell system.
    I am freezing and so is my mom. I know a few things about HVAC so tell me what I need to know!!! Thanks

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    If the tank really ran out you may have clogged up the oil filter you need to check for oil pressure. I do not know much about oil I won't be able to help you with much more than that.

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    Any possibility that the 5 gal I put in is not enough to start the burner?

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    Very possible.
    It is also very possible you clogged the filter and nozzle up by running it dry.
    You need to call a 24hr technician to fire it up safely again.
    P.S. also let him know how many times you hit the reset button. You could save his life!
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    I got it, I forgot to bleed the line... And I know not to press the reset button more than once, I may be 16 1/2... But I still know a thing or two about HVAC, Thanks you guys..

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