I dont have those numbers, sorry but I am sure if you used the same parameters, it would have about the same effect it did on the Carrier. (improved latent performance). You're right the ARI requirements for testing are unrealistic in my opinion but generally they arent engineered so much for those numbers, they should be desinged for performance throughout.

Uhh to answer you next question ...yes (I am ssuming you mean at 1st stage operation nominal vs. dehum). The reason is at full capacity you see that to be the case in both brands, and since Ruud didnt drop the 1st stage to 50% but selected closer to 70%. The relationship isnt affected as much. I imagine the line is crossed around 60%.

I suspect the reasoning is that part load is where it spends the most time they decided 50% would require staging more frequently.

Dash, I wasnt picking on Carrier, dont get me wrong. I was merely pointing out that SEER in and of itself can be deceptively used for advertising even though the 18 is reached by both in limited applications. I was actually hoping somone could post the trane or lennox numbers using thir ultra efficient machine in a similar match.

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